Quick update!


After one week I am going to hit the streets! Actually, I just couldn’t pass up a free lunch at a semi-swank restaurant with really bad early 90’s decor.

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I am tickled pink over my non-beaky nose with such flair!

I have caked on tons of concealer under my eyes, but it still looks like warpaint. I hope I can gross someone out at that restaurant with my frankenstein stitch marks.

My mom has taken a habit of calling her jewelry her “bling-bling.” She says it in a really blackified voice. “I gotsta get my bling bling on!” I don’t think she knows I can hear her… 🙂

18 thoughts on “Quick update!

  1. you so pretty! dang brenna look at you. i want to see you face to face (not cause of the new nose, just ’cause i miss you and haven’t seen your lovely smile in waaaaay too long).

  2. lol its all those years of working as a teacher.

    missss martinn!!! lol

    ps. you look so cute. and ithink you look different. its like.. not brenna anymore? lol

    pps. when are we re doing my website? i almost have all of my photos hosted. let me know when you are free (presumably after your face swells down? lol)

    talk to me on aim, i totally miss you.

    • “Mizz Martin, do you have some low-shun? It smell like butt and feet in here!”

      About the site, we’ll start work on it asap. I just am kinda holiday-crazed at the moment. What theme are you looking for? Just be thinking of ideas or sites you like.

      • oh I definitely will. I have some ideas already :o)

        I wish i was holiday crazed. it doesnt feel like december here. i guess im so used to lights and christmas decorations (not saying there arent any here) but its not the same :o)

  3. My momma sez she’ll murder me if I do anything to my nose.

    Personally, I spent too much cash on it to do a piercing, so sorry! But I can admire yours!

    Yes a hairband with shiny pink stars on it, or a hairclip with a bow on the side bangs!

    everytime she comes around my city, bling bling…

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