Yesterday was indeed productive.

After my duties at work, I headed home and practiced piano pieces for four hours. I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s & Ghost World. I painted. I am so hipster. *shudders*

This morning, I dug out of bed and headed to base to participate in the mandatory “squadron run” (3.5 miles) every Friday. It was about 33F and windy. Usually they cancel the runs on these cold, blustery days… but not today. The commander told us to get our asses running. So I did… right over to the gym to use the treadmill. Screw all that cold weather shit! There are no rules!

After the run, I went to Larry’s dorm and dug out his high school yearbooks & books, and had a little laugh.

From 1939.

This copy was given as a gift.
“Happy birthday! Have some Hitler propaganda!”
Very fascinating, though, yes?

One, two, three copies of Mein Kampf! My man is obsessive about collecting, for reeeeal. He has like, 200 beautiful color books about Germany, Austria, Prussia, various Euro history novels and tons of WWII uniform guides. He even has a book from 1858!

After I went home, strangely comatose, I put on some sweats and crawled into bed. An hour later I woke up to a phone call. I had this strange feeling that I couldn’t move. I blame it on the drop in my body temperature from that run; my legs were numb for a while.

Today I watched Paris, Je T’aime and The Princess Diaries 2 (yes yes, junkfood movie) & have no plans whatsoever for the three-day weekend. None. Crazy cat lady alert.

My parents are getting another dachshund, because Truffle went to doggie heaven while I was at OTS. They will have three; I am mega jealous.

7 thoughts on “Productivity?

  1. My aunt ann adopted a beautiful baby girl when she was in her 40’s and couldn’t be happier. Although I don’t think she could have gotten pregnant, but she didn’t rush marriage either. She got married later on in life, so there was no pressure for marriage and baby. The thought of staying home and having three or four kids make me sick. LOL. I’m not sure if I would want to adopt, but maybe when i was in my late 30’s early 40’s and was financially stable and couldn’t have one of my own, I would adopt. At any rate, you shouldn’t be thinking of it now, you are in college and its insane to have a baby. I’d like one kid eventually, but not until I’ve been married for years with my hubby, have had a successful career, and have traveled with him.

  2. It’s not weird. I don’t want children, either; the maternal instinct has simply never been there for me. When I tell people this, they laugh as if to say, “Oh, just you wait.”

    I think people should just mind their own business about this sort of thing. If you ever change your mind, it certainly won’t be due to a bunch of morons reminding you that you need to start having babies.

    The boyfriend question is a bit more difficult. Is he one of those people who tells you that you’ll eventually change your mind about the big family?

    As a side note: my mother always says, “If you have kids, it’s great. If you don’t have kids, you’re not missing anything.” Too many people seek out children as a means of fulfillment, and there are too many unwanted kids in this world as it is. I think NOT having children does the world an enormous favor.

  3. yep, I’m 28 now and still have no desire to have children. it also could be the case that I’ve brain washed myself into believing that because my husband is unable to provide any financial support and is just not the responsible type. He’s like the child I’ll never have.
    I certainly can’t see raising a child by myself so the only option is to keep popping birth control pills. When i get tired of that I’ll probably just get the tubes tied, heh.

  4. Your logic isn’t warped, Brenna, just not the “norm.” & when has that EVER been an issue for you, anyway?

    I’ve never wanted children, myself, & I get very impatient when I spend more than a few hours with my little cousins (who I somehow managed to like).

    & on the topic of wasting your time with Matt, I don’t agree with you at all. You’re still young & inexperienced, so if anything you can learn from it — which is never bad.

    Perhaps you two aren’t compatible for marriage (I don’t think anyone should have to sacrifice such an important, life altering decision — maybe compromise, but never sacrifice).

    But you two can decide that for yourselves when the time comes. Don’t put such stress on your relationship now. Take it for what it is, & live your life.

    I hardly think Matt’s ready to raise babies now, anyway. So try not to sweat it?

  5. Concerning children, I think the same way as you do (I’m 29). So I don’t think your view on this topic is weird at all. In fact, two of my best girlfriends think that way too.

  6. gotta admit…i am a bit fascinated with ww2 history.
    first night bringing my ex to my place..he notices my hitler book…my ex was jewish. haha and the giant american history x poster. that was funny as well.
    my dad owns a ww2 medal, swastika and all. i told him he better have it in his will that i get that thing.

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