Pranks & Promotions

STODGEY. — This week, I started the PBS Masterpiece series Downton Abbey and enjoyed the first season… in one day. Next, I enjoyed the second season… in one day. The show is so immersive and I’ve very much become a fan. The dialogue is well-written, the “sets” are gorgeous, and the clothing and character presentation is fabulous. It’s such a breath of fresh Hampshire in the stagnant, poisonous stench of reality shows and other current television offerings.

I also hosted a Walking Dead get together with my deployment room mate, Amie, for the season three premiere. As it was invite only, we asked only those in the squadron who had see all the first and second season episodes to attend. Lastly, Mad Men is starting up next month, but I’ll only be able to watch the premiere or so, as I will most likely be returning to the ‘States around then. Larry and I don’t subscribe to cable at home, and rely on Netflix. For such an internet rat, I am surprised I don’t come across more spoilers for everything.

My commander borrowed my Skyrim to try out, so it’s good timing that I’m currently downloading the Mass Effect 3 demo. See you next month…

COPE NORTH. — Currently, I am in the middle of a gigantic exercise here on the Air Force base. There are three countries involved, and four if you count Canada. We have Japan, Australia, & the U.S. Below is an official photo taken this week of all the participants in this exercise, including aircraft. Notice the B-52 is front and center.

TRICKY. — Still, there’s an extra 1,000 personnel on this base, which makes things very exciting. Amie and I have been playing pranks on the F-15 fighter boys. Each of their rental cars they use to get to and from base has a paper in the window, identifying each with a beer and extremely scantily clad babe. We printed out the same beer identifier, but adorned it with extremely large babes, or ladies with freakishly injected duck lips. Some guys have left them (or haven’t noticed), but St. Pauli Girl (which was actually St. Pauli Boy) has been taken down numerous times. And replaced just as many times by us… Such great fun!

Last night we put my co-pilot’s bike on his house’s roof. Housekeeping got upset. Not sure if he ever noticed where it went.

TEA? PRF? — When I return to Minot, I’ve been given a real job in the squadron. I’m going to be the squadron executive officer, which is like the military’s version of a secretary. I help with others’ promotion paperwork, answer phones, prepare awards speeches, read awards speeches, get the commander hot tea… you know, all that awesome stuff. I am extremely pleased because I specifically asked for this position months ago. And, bonus: I’ll be sharing the job with a very pleasant friend which will make the duties much easier to tackle (and the hours on the job significantly less). I think we’ll make a pretty good team. There are many ho-hum jobs offered, and many people filling them, but only one executive officer. Well, in this case, two.

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