Pop Culture Rant.

Check out this awesome iReport video.

This guy verbalizes exactly how I feel. Every time I turn on the news or look at magazines, it’s who’s got a new sex tape out, who is “pushing the envelope” in pop culture, who’s trying so desperately for attention by removing the most clothes. What we’ve created in America is a horrifying, detached and twisted sense of romance, passion and sex. I am very offended because I don’t want to have my personal and sexual experiences become a blasĂ©, disassociated afterthought. Why are we celebrating trashy acts performed on stage? They aren’t real and seem very cold and rehearsed. They’re not entertainment, either. It makes me stop and say, “Seriously? Someone actually thought we’d like to waste our time with this?” It’s not sexy in the least, these strangers pretending to perform in the sexual circus with each other. It looks ridiculously silly!

I want the human body to be celebrated, appreciated, and revered. I love my body. It is a wonder of nature, a marvel of evolution. We are each unique and different. This thought is trampled by pop culture and their garbage heap of photo retouching, excessive body morphing and the praise of prostitution.

They’ve taken the respect the average person has for love, romance and tenderness and made a mockery of it. I’m fucking pissed about it.

Everyone’s turned into spineless, gutless sissies who don’t stand for anything. Men today make me roll my eyes because of their obsession with themselves: makeup and dumb hair. Women act like bimbos. Remove your head from your ass and go out and learn something. Do something that might be remembered fifty years from now. Go make a positive difference.

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