Polissons et Galipettes

pennyrhps: babies are diseases
Poseur1039: so is syphilus

“lost in translation” was so depressing. and slow. i got a telephone call and i just .. left the room because i figured i wouldn’t miss anything anyway. i was right. didn’t say i didn’t like it, though.

i am really lonely. i want someone to lay next to and watch awesome crappy movies in bed with. like “hook”, “spaceballs”, and “men in tights”.

nerie when i get back – you. me. polissons et galipettes.

my new camera is in the mail, speaking of which. it’s the crappy one that takes photos like this:

i love it.

3 thoughts on “Polissons et Galipettes

  1. a) you have no good goddamn reason to feel lonely

    b) that camera.. is awesome lol. can it make everyones bangs have a blue tone to them or is that just for you alone? hehehe photoshop

    c) i cant wait

    d) all those movies are awesome. can we add hackers to the list?

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