poem: dear lord god

dear lord god,

i was sitting in church…you know, you were there. did you see me? i promise that i was praying.

you know when the pastor said,

“the world that we live in
is full of hate, perversion,
violence, and greed.”

what happened? why did you let it happen this way?

but god, i remembered something. when i was little, i went to sunday school every week. do you remember? you were there. the teacher told us that when adam and eve sinned, they had to leave the garden of eden. the teacher told us adam would have to work harder in the fields. the teacher told us eve would have pain while bearing his children.

but there’s one thing that i have always remembered, god. one thing that won’t leave my mind. you said that eve would be ruled by adam, because adam would be in charge of the world. do you remember? you said it.

is that why the world is full of hate, perversion, violence, and greed? is that why men are so hateful and yet at the same time, fearful towards women? did they create the world we live in? please tell me, god, you should know.

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