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i went to the planetarium friday! of my own free will? well, sort of. i have a physics project due wednesday.. and if you caught what was happening at the science center that weekend… well. i wanted to see the place without too many kids screwing it all up. y’know… by just being there.

it was very run down, and almost depressing. all the “your weight on planets” scales were broken to hell, and there were only around 2 functioning exhibits. very depressing, actually. the foucalt pendulum was in tact, however. it’s hard to see because of my stupid camera. i’ll post the pickytures matty took next time. they’re much clearer because he has a hot shot camera with a flash.

the feature film was “mysteries of egypt”, followed by “the pink floyd laser light show”. they really need the funding. after that, me and matty went to the observatory on the roof, where there was a huge telescope. this crazy sea captain guy was working the telescope. he had a limp, sea captain’s hat and a beard. he even talked like “arrrggghh matey!” he showed us saturn. it looks like an orange dot in the night sky, but when they put the telescope on it, it looked like the pictures in the science books. you could see the lines on the planet, the rings around it, and its moons. it was beautiful, and amazing.

all that stargazing worked up an appetite (surprise), so we high-tailed it to carabbas. they gave matty way too much mashed potatoes and stiffed him on veggies. we got the old pervert, richard, for our waiter, according to jamie. she’s one of my old friends. on the way home, matt saw that old planetarium driving sea captain next to him on the road.

and a quick note to pizza delivery guys – grinning at me and making obscene gestures does not make me want to hump you. oh, and that lovely plastic sign stuck to the top of your station wagon? err, just no. there’s just something about being in a big (fake) fur coat in a pt cruiser. a feeling like you are the most royal person on the road.

tonight, matty picked me up. he arrived a little too late to see “catch me if you can” at the theater, but it’s not like either of us wanted to see it anyway, that much. he would’ve liked to have seen “just married”, but it looked mind-draining and a bit exhausting. so we just sat in the good ol’ b&n parking lot. we talked and talked. and sat in silence. and talked. i did get angry with him for taking a visit to the porn shop with some friends. he says he wasn’t driving, and that’s where they decided to go. it’s ultimately up to him what choices he will make, i just thought he was a little classier than to set foot in there. trashy, sort of. anyways, it all made me a little hungry. i wish i had some chicken nuggets or something. a deep friend diet of goodness.

thank you to everyone that comes to the site and reads all this crap i post. thank you even more to those who comment! it’s so great to get feedback and emails and tags. it means quite a bit to me.

oh yes, this confirms i will one day rule the universe. i forgot where i found this doll maker… tiki lounge something or other dot com. but i suppose this is the closest to me it can get!

and for those of you who were wondering about mister vincent price. he was born in 1911 to a pretty well-off family. his first feature was chicago, on stage in around 1935. his first major b-movie was “shock!”, and he starred in such horror films as house on haunted hill (1958), house of wax, the fall of the house of usher, the fly, the abomidable dr. phibes, and even in edward scissorhands. vincent died in late october of 1993 (pretty spooky).

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