This twat in my Production I class is the lead for our group of 20 students. He’s on such a powertrip it makes me steaming mad. So he’s threatening me in all sorts of ways, including “FIRING me” (something he made our teacher implement). Yeah, like my TA who loves me will let that happen…

This powertripper stuck me on DATABASE team. I am a Graphic Design major. It doesn’t make sense that I be doing backend programming. And get this, there is a Design team and a Graphics team… I made neither. So…… here we go. Here’s me haulin’ out the bitch.

Just a question, what will I be doing on database team? I have no knowledge of the workings of a database or backend programming. I guess I can just push papers for you guys, because I’m useless being just stuck on database team for lack of a better place. I appreciate that, being that I designed and launched the entire site with no help for Happy Death Day Productions.

It’d be nice if you could give us a little more notice for meetings, some of us have other classes that are important besides this one. Maybe a schedule for the next few meetings would be beneficial.


Twatty’s response:

You will do more than pushing paper. I am giving people ample time to
learn if needed and complete the assignment. I gave plenty of time for
spending time that was assigned for the class. I wasn’t singling you out
in that email. That goes for everyone now on. You need to contact
Derrick from the first email. From this point you will schedule meetings
with him and that will be your group. Derrick, you and the other person
I assigned to that project.

…and then, today I get a special little email:

To Brenna Martin

This is your warning letter. This is not to discourage you from working with this group, as you are not the only one who will be receiving one. As of right now you’re fault is attendance. Beyond this I am aware that you do not like your job within the group. As in life as well as others in the group we all cannot work where we wish. This is just to make sure that your attitude towards the project will be positive. I understand that you don’t believe you have the skills to help on the Database side, but you are not alone. That is why I divided the group into sub groups so everyone can do their part and learn if necessary.

Simply, work hard and do not miss meetings or classes. Put forth your best efforts on your assignment and this letter will go away without question.

Thank you for your time,
John Abbruzzese
Project Manager



From the best of my knowledge, I only missed one meeting. I wasn’t notified of any other meetings. To keep things positive, I would suggest stepping off everybody’s case. I’m sure you’ll find out that most people work best if they don’t have someone riding their shoulder at all times. I think it’s ridiculous you’re starting this already, as I haven’t missed any of my group meetings yet.

Many people are getting discouraged by your overbearing attitude. For the good of the project, chill out a little and let us work without Big Brother interfering around every corner. Good project managers sympathize with their CO-workers if they have a valid excuse for missing an assignment or meeting. At least I asked what I missed. Don’t be so quick to blow the whistle, seriously. It’s not up to you anymore to deal with me, I thought we weren’t supposed to contact you anymore, just our group leaders. Just because you are stressed out by a 23 hour work load doesn’t mean the rest of us are entitled to work as hard as you. Your decisions to take an overwhelming amount of classes is just that – YOUR choices.

I will be helpful in whatever I can do with my group. But please realize I am an artist and I work best in very small collaborative groups or individual assignments. I don’t like people threatening me without reason or sending me nagging emails. Please take your sights off of me, I’m feeling more like a victim here than a CO-worker in your project group.

As I told Derreck, I’ll be doing my best here. I’m sure you understand.

– Brenna

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