Pissed off.

Saw the Reverend Horton Heat at the Orange Peel last night. I had to suffer through Nashville Pussy and Hank Williams III before they went on. Hank was terrible. But as for the Reverend Horton Heat, the set list wasn’t as good as the other two thousand times I have seen them… although they did play a very fancy cover of King of the Road. I personally like the Dean Martin version dee best, but the Rev certainly did a great job!

I guess the songs I can remember are:

Big Sky
I Can’t Surf
Five-O Ford
Big Red Rocket of Love
The Devil’s Chasin’ Me
The Jimbo Song
400 Bucks
King of the Road
Bails of Cocaine
Lie Detector
Psychobilly Freakout
It’s Martini Time
Galaxy 500

I was bummed that they didn’t play my favorite: Where In the World Did You Go With My Toothbrush.

My sister and I having a holiday conversation:

Her: “So Eric is coming for New Years, yay!!”
Me: “Yeah this will be fun!”
Her: “Well I don’t know. Matt probably won’t want to do anything we will.”
Me: “Oh I don’t know about that. What do you have in mind?”
Her: “I don’t know. He hates everything. He’s so negative.”
Mom: “Yeah! He didn’t initiate a conversation with us once while he was here!”

Nice! Thanks, sis!

“Well, geez, what do you guys like to do?”
I did explain that we don’t like to sit in bars and drink. We honestly can’t afford it and we don’t like that kind of thing anyway. I said we usually don’t go to bars unless it’s to see music. Neither of us are drinkers. I asked her to come up with what she’d like to do & we’d probably be okay with it. We’re not picky, but we don’t want to sit around Hooters or knock ’em back in some skeezy bar. Guess we’re too poor and uncivilized to hang out with her and her new boyfriend/fiance. I mean to make a point… The guy didn’t know Henry Rollins wasn’t comedy, and didn’t know Robo was in the original Misfits (after claiming they were his favorite band). Lol, whatever!

Yeah so my life pretty much sucks right now; I can’t be independent and it’s really taking a toll. Honestly, I don’t give a crap about what the two of them think because I don’t think they’re exactly perfect either. My mom is in a constant state of misery and my sister is the biggest hypocrite ever.

At least I’m not in a miserable marriage and force my religious beliefs on everyone, including my family. So closeminded. My aunts & uncles despise discussing anything political or religious with her because she’s so overbearing and hotheaded. & at least I’m not basing my entire life around a guy, like my sister is. She’s giving up the opportunity to become an Army officer & receive a free ticket to physician’s assistant school so she can work a shitty job that pays about 30k (with no job security) to put her boyfriend through medical school (but I guess that’s what she wants…). I honestly don’t need their sorry approvals to make my decisions, kthnx.

Poseur1039: Maybe I’ll just go to Vegas and get one of those wedding chapel weddings with Elvis!
Poseur1039: Sounds way more appealing that the stupid bullshit expensive church weddings.
contentquestion: At least it would be funny!
Poseur1039: Hahah! totally rock n’ roll!
contentquestion: “I now pronounce you man and wife… uh huh!”
Poseur1039: Hotttttt. Elvis Wedding Experience Thrift-o-Rama!

I think I’ll be out of here in a month, that’s what I think. No complaining without action, because that’s not how I roll.

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    • thanks! it sure is low maintenance… which is my favorite part. i guess i spend just as much time in the bathroom getting ready as i did before, but now it’s dedicated to makeup! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. DAMN SKRAIT! I know exactly what you mean. I had premarital sex, got shunned by people in church and a little in my family, no I live in a condo on the beach and pretty much do whatever I want. People that got praised back in youth group because they got a degree in the book of St. John or something married some pastors daughter and is working as a janitor at church. Praise the Lord he provided them a job, He just never stops reigning down blessings for those who trust in Him.

    Fuck it all I’m gonna go ops check my axe shower gel.

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