here are some more photos of me my friend stephy on the way the msi show last week. i don’t really like msi, but i went so that she didn’t have to go alone cos’ that’s just not safe. i liked kill hannah of course, and their billy idol cover. i also liked the seven foot plus guy standing next to me. i asked him if he liked being that tall; his girlfriend came over and stood by me gave me dirty looks. i didn’t mean any harm! andre the giant.


oh yeah, and my friend tim eating calamari:

10 thoughts on “pictures.

  1. I wish that I was the friend Steph that got to go… *sniff*.
    I really like the blonde. At first, I was kinda ‘meh’, but now iI really, really like it!

  2. psh… you guys are still hot, even if you went without me (& don’t even like msi… wha-whaaaaat?????)

    aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, my baaaaby.
    *clicks & saves!*

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