Photograph time.

unearthed 600+ photos from matthew’s computer: old digicam shots of lots of people. here are just some to start out with.

8 thoughts on “Photograph time.

  1. Damn you and your perfect eyebrows! And the B&W with your b/f on your shoulder is goddamn adorable! It made a little bitter inside me die and then spring back to life through jealousy. lol

    • lol they are perfect because they are DRAWN on, silly. my real eyebrows are flat a la 1920’s style, but i like them curvy so i shave em and draw them back on.

      i like that picture too, i think it really shows how we care about each other. it almost moves to me. ♥

  2. hey i need to know if you still want to do the cabaret thing. cal me 407-756-4011,.. if i don’t answer please leave a message. rehersals are saturday the 16th at 7pm,… monday the 18th aT 8pm and tuesday the 19th at 8pm. we are performing the preshow and rocky at the bears convention on october 21st (thursday) ,. i think at 10pm,.. pelase let me and know if you can attend offir also needs to knwo if you would like to be a trannsie that night. if you would only like to be in one number of cabaret that is fine. i don’t know if we are going to have enough people for wilcommen. and if you will be at any of the halloween performances.
    i know that you are busy and your in school and stuff so it’s okay if you can’t do it. but you worked really hard so i would like it if you could perform what you learned. please contact me back.
    thanks ember

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