i didn’t have any plans tonight. is that unbelievable or what! nerie had some free time (actually, she said she had a test to study for.. whoops!) so phase I of… i don’t know how many… well, it was the first part of the big, bad photo shoot! there was this ridiculous fox fur with the heads still attached, and i pulled it out of the plastic bag and said “OH MY GOD A FURRRR!!” and threw it around my shoulders. nerie said no one’s wanted to touch it yet. the eyes were all googly.

enter cori. she heckled me the whole time, but inspired some funny photos. yarrr!! enter mike. i made him cover his eyes for some photos. “don’t look!!! stop!” i wish amy was there. she could have heckled as well. so i get to get the first roll developed tomorrow.

“yes i KNOW what this tape is.” phase two = super hott.

time flies when you’re having fun.

5 thoughts on “photogasm.

  1. first of all, wumpscut. <333

    second, it wasnt as good as it couldve been, since i felt horribly awful towards you because i asked you to take your top off within the first 5 minutes you were dressed in nothing but a shoe lace.

    i do feel awful for that.

    omg that fox fur was the best thing EVER. and heckling was funnnn.

    that fur.. oh man i’ll never forget you throwing that thing on and actually TOUCHING it. everyone acts like it’s a scabies infested herpified penis. :shrugs:

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