pet shop boy

hearing: ruth etting – you’re the cream in my coffee | feeling: tired

matthew’s new puppy – it’s an australian cattle dog. i think it looks like a mongrel dog. it likes chewing shoelaces and small children. it’s pleasant enough, however. i think they should name it bruce or bruno.

amy just left to go home for the evening with her boyfriend, eric. she’ll be back teemorrow, however, for thee show. we need about 2 hours to primp, of course. we are taking my pt cruiser and going to be the most beautimous ones there! (well, in theory…) guh, and a bunch of people i could live without seeing will be making their appearance as well.

be there or be square.

i love everything from the store “design within reach”. the homeless boy on our couch left a copy of their catalogue here. yes, we have a homeless boy named kris living on our couch. she is bedroom A for amy, i am bedroom B for brenna, and he is bedroom C for COUCH. he has really nice eyebrows and a little gap between his teeth. such a unique and quirky boy.

me & matthew went to the pet store.

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