Pedal Faster!

Oh! I have a second. Let me fill you in on some happenings!

I’ve been extremely busy at work the past two weeks. My flying at the new squadron is in full swing. Each flight is close to ten hours of in-the-air time, plus ground time to get the plane ready to go. About twenty hours in two weeks; that’s a lot of B-52 flight time! I’ve also been in the simulator for nuke training quite a bit and, unfortunately, dancing on the line between feeling under the weather and feeling good to go. The flight yesterday was very busy, and I learned a lot about JDAM/close air support (yes, the B-52 does CAS) and in-flight replanning. The flights here for a new navigator are like trying to sip water daintily from a fire hose. The amount of information is overwhelming. I’d like to think myself a quick learner, so I hope I catch up soon! The pilots also seem to have a bit of a sour attitude towards the offense compartment. Hey, not everyone is lucky enough to be a bombardier and certified terrorist obliterator. I understand your pain, pilots.

The three-day weekend for Martin Luther King, Jr. day was much needed. I had a lot of grouchy projects staring me down disapprovingly here at the house, and I even got around to working on a couple of them! This included installing a gas fireplace, painting and hanging light fixtures. Before you ask: yes, I have my first “before and after” photos of the new Minot house! I won’t take furnished photos until it’s perfect; I can’t seem to find the right rug for this room. I have what I want in mind, but finding someone that makes it is another story. Think of something tangible? Overrated. Oh the woes of being a perfectionist!

Fortunately, I found the perfect tuxedo for Larry. It’s from Brooks Brothers; they seem to make the definitive white tie and tails coat. He is very relieved that he’ll have something so dapper to wear on our big day and the cruise thereafter! Every gentleman needs a fabulous tuxedo in their closet! Talk about handsome.

This past weekend, aforementioned beau and I put on our dandiest clothing and ventured out into downtown Minot to explore the night life. I found a fabulous vintage shop, in fact, one of the nicest I’ve ever happened upon! The store was set up so neatly and each item was so thoughtfully on display. I bought three sets of earrings (I’m wearing a pair in the photos below) for $10, a black and white polka dotted silk scarf, a blue striped sweater, an old glass Minot dairy bottle, and a hardcover biography of Vivien Leigh.

Later in the evening, we tried a restaurant that some locals have recommended. It’s called Ten North Main and is within walking distance from the house… when it’s not -4° outside, of course. I sported four inch heels: Snow and ice be damned! I will not let you affect my fashion choices further than a coat and flattening my curls! The restaurant was decent – it had a loud bar with a football game going in the corner. From what I gather, that’s probably where they make most of their money. The drinks were fantastic and the menu was standard fare. I guess I’d return, if not just for the drinks and atmosphere. The wait staff was very kind and complementary on my ensemble. I also briefly saw one of my co-workers, a fellow lady navigator on a date with her beau. I asked if she had a good time our flight together Wednesday; she said she didn’t recognize me. Oh well!

Lastly, I ordered a couple light fixtures after much agonizing over literally thousands of fixtures. The one on the left is in my 1920s art nouveau bedroom. The right one is for the industrial style art deco media room. Every room deserves a chandelier!

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