hearing: loud cars | mood: sheepish

strange, odd things are happening around here. i found my feather plumes, and a pair of thigh-hi fishnets and everything. my homecoming ensemble is complete.

last night someone from the school dug a nice, six inch deep “fuck you” into our football field for the homecoming game. i guess the school found it this morning, but it would almost be worth suffering through the game to eye the giant profanities on the field. i was laughing quite loudly about it during physics class (there are a lot of football players in there). they were saying stuff like, “football means more to me. it’s not just a game. it’s your spirit.” and i wanted to yell “that’s ass!” really loud. i didn’t. our classes were very much shortened, by 5-10 minutes, or something. all i know is that i ate lunch around 11am, and there was to be an hour long pep rally. i have dual enrollment, however, so i got to leave before the occasion, at 12.30pm.

i told billie to come over around 2. sure enough, she arrived to the minute. i wasn’t ready, so she and jeni waited around a little bit for me. then we sped off to target in the pt cruiser.

yeah, i wish i had one. i’d pose all over it and make everyone jealous!

we went to target, where i found some things i needed, one which the thigh-hi fishnets for my homecoming “entorage”. i found a pink feather plume and a white feather plume, but i wasn’t sure if the pink one would match my dress or not. i bought both, just in case (it does match, by the way). i visited my friends in the pet store, also.

so we went to the park after all of that, and it has just finished being built. we saw two other pt cruisers besides ours on the road! we were all lined up, like a parade, parading over the bridge to cocoa.

captain of the u.s.s. ugly hussy.

there were these wonderful little butterfly-shaped chairs and we had fun lounging around on those. i looked over in the flower bush and spotted a cute and bright orange butterfly. two, actually! i was so excited and feeling happy. i was mesmerized and snapped a picture, until i noticed they were mating. is nothing sacred?! blech, butterfly lovin’!

then billie decided to be cute (while wearing my dress) and play in the fountains.

on other things, i watched a special on the court channel about death sentences through the ages, such as the rack, the iron maiden (so metal), and quartering. the grossest thing, to me, was when they were talking about people who were on the rack, and how it stretched and snapped their muscles and pulled everything out of joint. gah, how disgusting. i’m glad i live in an age where there’s the electric chair. ooh, isn’t that a comforting thought.

matty came and picked me up after filming a scene for film club. we went back to the park for a while, then over to the butterfly chairs. there were no randy bugs this time, however. it was so nice to just sit and talk and lay around. it’s such a rare occasion we get to spend such quality time together, and i really liked it. i wasn’t bored for one second. next time i’m bringing my portable tear gas so we don’t have to be uneasy about scary people. yeah, i have portable tear gas. my dad picked it up for me at the last gun show. it’s like 3423x better than pepper spray. better for me, worse for the meanie.

i’m such a pre-schooler. i’m eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and drinking juice. whoops, peanut butter and jelly keyboard.

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