Okay! First and foremost: a little Halloween cheer has been lacking in my journal this year. When my sister asked my five-year old niece, Hannah, what she would like to be for Halloween this year, an answer came short and concise: “A Baby Deer.” My sister, who is not necessarily an expert seamstress, took to the challenge and crafted this fabulous costume! It has a white tail and spots on the back. She’ll also get a painted black nose and dots on her chops.

When I called, knowing full well about this baby deer hi jinx, she put me to the test.

“Guess what I’m going to be!”
“I need a hint.”
“It has spots.”
“A dalmatian?”
“Noooo, it… it’s brown! & lives in the forest!”
“A dachshund?”
“No! Dachshunds don’t live in the forest. A baby deer!”
“Do baby deer eat candy corn and maple bark?”

Next on the agenda: As “social officer” of my navigator class, I’m responsible for planning parties, collecting the cash to do so, and making it all happen. Our biggest party, our aircraft drop, is when we find out to which aircraft we will be assigned. The theme was “Navtoberfest,” and I made a fun playlist with sweet party music (Alex Gopher, Lady Gaga, Parov Stelar) with German drinking songs peppered in. It was funny because whenever I’d be like, “Hey Larry! Check out this song!” & play one, he’d start singing along — in German. He knows them all!

That evening, to find out what aircraft you were getting, you had a beer mug with your name on it. You chug the beer and then look on the bottom of the glass, where it was written. We had no idea what we were getting until that point – it was revealed in front of over one hundred people and on a projector screen. No pressure! The #1 guy in the class got “Instructor Navigator First Assignment,” which SUCKS (and is usually something pilot trainees get)… but really, the flight commander was just puling his chain. He got a gunship (AC-130), which is what he wanted. He said he almost cried. Haha.

Pretty much the most kickass class ever.

When it was my turn, I chugged that beer so fast everyone was cheering. Sure enough, I got my beloved bomber, the B-52! Move over Major Kong, there’s a new combat chick in the house. So I’m going to be a navigator/bombardier. I get to push the button. Take that, Taliban!

All in all, there were five B-52s (that’s a LOT), three U-28s (usually zero are available), three C-130s, three RC-130s, one AWACS, and one AC-130.

So now I will go to Shreveport, LA for nine months to go to school for the BUFFs. After that, I am looking to move to Minot, ND because of the fresh air, low crime, and low cost of living. Also, it’s a better base than at Shreveport for career development. Larry couldn’t be more excited to move to Minot, which is awesome. I found a house there, built in 1949, with a bomb shelter! Can you imagine the mid-century modern deliciousness you could decorate it in? Real-life “Blast From the Past”.

In less interesting news, last week I had to take a physical fitness test. (“Sandworms. You know I hate ’em.”) I rarely work out besides riding lessons once a week; I eat fresh, unprocessed foods and lots of leafy greens. I’ve maintained the same exact weight to the pound the entire year, according to my weight on the test form. Somehow I think just because I eat well I’ll be okay. Hey, it does work… to an extent. I just hate working out! Anyway, I ran 1.5 miles in an embarassing 13’50”, did 31 pushups in a minute, and 36 situps in a minute. I’m no Marine, that’s fer sure! Good enough to pass…! But this Friday I have to run 3.6 miles. Gross.

I have today & Thursday off. One point five months until wings!

8 thoughts on “P-P-P-Pow!!!

  1. Ohhh, I miss “Salute Your Shorts.”

    Also, is there any way you could re-upload the Christmas music you had last year? I downloaded it to my dad’s computer the first time, and it has since then been fried.

    • Yeah, I’ll make a Christmas post with music – closer to Christmas though! It’s my official “I’m in the mood for holiday cheer” milemarker, so expect it about Dec. 9 (After finals are done!)

      He’s spreading some holiday cheer for you until I can.

  2. where did you get the dress?! and how much?

    your niece is adorable! tina fays kid wants to be a bacon eating robot…hell when i was a kid i just wanted to be a ninja turtle.

    and kudos on the assignment!

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