16 thoughts on “Owl Love.

  1. Oh-my-god.

    I feel your pain.
    My Chelsea is growing out and I feel totally stupid.
    It needs a dye job. And the two formaly hearts on ethier side of my head are now bleach blobs.

    I’m torn between shaving it again or growing it out.

  2. it’s so funny that everyones in a hair growing out phase.. i’m torn between shaving the sides death hawk style or letting it grow to my shoulders :o|

    grandparents.. wouldnt like the deathhawk.. must keep reminding myself.


    no one knows as well as me!

    don’t spike it. it’ll look like mine did in a month or so, & be tolerable enough for growing out.

    no more product! unless you use a bit of wax.

    i’ve got the best stuff, for cheap,
    smells like tangerines
    (& it’s non-greasy palmeade!)

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