our ess tee, elle a knee.

If my recruiter’s boss, whom I called and yelled at last week, gets my paperwork going on the double as I requested, I could be out of this heap of a town as soon as June 24. More likely, beginning of July. Hell hath no fury like a OTS selectee scorned. Make that a female OTS selectee, to boot. No pun intended…

Been taken with Michio Kaku’s Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel. He relates a lot of theoretical physics to easily understandable explanations from Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who and the like. It’s like finding out that Santa Claus is real… and he brought me this book. It elaborates on the science behind some of sci-fi’s most fantastic innovations (and also quips that i2001/i is the most accurate film about feasible alien communications… A+ in my book). So far, I’ve particularly enjoyed the chapters on AI and space travel, both “Class I Impossibilities”… meaning they are very possible within this century or the next.

… I don’t care what anyone else says. Zohan was a hilarious movie. Matt, you’re right. I was totally flirting with my friend sitting next to me. He’s ridiculously funny and awesome, with Guitar Hero skills that, strangely enough, surpass mine. So there. Be jealous of my fellow grunge music buddy!

Lastly, one of Matt’s best friends, I suspect, is becoming increasingly uncomfortable around me. I offered to let him type his resume on my computer so he can get a job ASAP, and he replied, “Yeah… I … don’t make it a habit of hanging out… alone with my friend’s girlfriends… sorry. I just don’t want to go there.” For the last few months he chills outside and watches movies or other droll with me, but lately has been obviously awkward for some reason. It’s sad really, we have a similar sense of humor & he’s cute, yeah, but gimme a break. I’m not going to go there.

Weird… Why are guys so strange? I was actually kind of insulted. I was offering to do a favor. Hm. In other news, I was watching The Princess Bride & it hit me: Cary Elwes looks just like Myspace boy from eons ago. Hehe.

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  1. Brenna, you sexy intellectual, you! This is Sascha. Hm, I wonder if you have ever been referred to as an “intellectual” before. You can always count on me for that kind of stuff, eh? & yes, I am very excited for Corpse Bride I must say. I enjoy both Johnny Depp and Tim Burton and I believe when put together, they make quite the enjoyable duo. *sigh* May I add you to the good ol’ friends list?

  2. its paticularly annoying when someone srefers to you as ‘a friends girlfriend’. its like jesus, i am a fucking person ya know.

    I think he likes you.

  3. Okay just went saw the Zohan with the guys and we proptly pounded our chests and taped our tools when we saw the gals that night. And Im glad I didnt always treat you as a gf lol although …..lmao

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