online entourage

today i had to take my algebra I final online. i had also gotten some new shirts in the mail, a rancid one and a zip up one, way cool. too bad it didn’t fit me. crap. so anyways, i took the exam and jamie’s boyfriend carl (who is crazy at math) helped me on a few of them. then i chatted with a girl from california, and she has known matty for like 6 years or something, online! she’s nice and not gross or anything. she told me all kinds of embarrassing things about him, oh the joys! she’s really nice and cool and i told her to come visit us both some time. (hatching plans)

now on to his other “little online friend”…matt told me she hates/ed me, since i’m going out with him, and she wanted to be his girlfriend. suuure…a girl he never actually met being his girlfriend? hmm…kinda stupid, but then again “i don’t know the whole story…” and i guess he thinks i’m uncaring and hypocritical because i don’t care about her personal problems. i’m friggin sorry i don’t care about some girl i don’t know from eve and her drug abuses and rape problems. i mean it’s very very sad, but there’s a million more girls out there like her. i’m sorry i don’t feel sorry or care for a girl that hates me for jealous reasons.

i really ask myself if it’s actually worth getting a stupid lecture from matt, he’s so defensive about everything about her. but whatever. i like sammy, the girl in california. šŸ™‚

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