one quick look, glenn again

i didn’t have a clue what to do tonight, but after school glenn says he’s having a get together at his house, protesting aliyah’s birthday party. he said we were going to watch “the sound of music” (fox 35!) also. i love that movie!

anyways, so i go to matt’s house first and stay there until 6pm. his mother is a same kind of thinker as me: “matt, do you ever plan any fun dates for brenna?” answer? hell no. i was really hoping to go to the zoo sunday, but i doubt it will happen. i doubt anything ever will.

so at glenn’s, he showed me his new alto sax, and we played a song! then amy and hailie showed up. maturity rules? eh….um…so they didn’t want to watch “the sound of music”, but i did. glenn was even annoyed with them. but right before i had to leave to go home, alex and matt show up (after amy had already left. she wanted to come back, but didn’t because alex was there). they were kind of annoying too. so i left around 10.30. tomorrow is me and matty’s 13 months!

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