Once a week maybe?

I worked so much this week – I should be bankin’ this next week since I get paid both Wednesday & Friday and am also receiving a check from a web site I finished for a client. Dinky check from Blockbuster, of course, but a huge check from the carpentry job & the site design – I did a couple general cabinet installations this week in ye olde millionaires’ houses. Makes me wonder if I can ever afford that way of life; such a beautiful, peaceful home someplace really pretty to look out your window, not the neighbor’s trash. I’d like to try another apartment on the second+ floor. I like being able to see over buildings to something nicer.

This morning I was up at six a.m. to put my items out for our neighborhood garage sale. By six forty five a.m. there were people already cruising my sale. People will buy anything, including the green foam block you arrange flowers in. I wasn’t even aware that was even on the table until someone asked me how much. Matt’s fantastic wooden whale jewelry box did not sell, in fact, but the fondue pot did. Talk about garage sale staples.

Having scary muscley arms is something I think I can get used to. My calves are ridiculous, too – I’ve never even HAD calves in my life. Where did they come from? In other news, I need a spa day. You should see my nails – omfgzsss it’s heinous. And as for spa days: a manicure would just get ruined, pedicures are gross, and my face is hopeless from the sweaty workshop. I look HOT.

In other news, my sister is going here:

I’ve pretty much learned that if you apply yourself in your courses, you’ll receive the same grade as if you didn’t really care much. College is really starting to get on my nerves. And the remaining art classes are going to blow, too. Pretentious teachers do not win points with me – I don’t get impressed by “I know more than you” attitudes, no matter how you cut it.

2 thoughts on “Once a week maybe?

  1. agreed about the pretentious art teachers.\

    & as soon as i make some cash, we should have spa day together. perhaps at the end of the summer sometime?

    uh… i like to imagine your sister sun bathing beside the tigris river.
    just let me think it.

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