not amused

hearing: louis armstrong – swing that music | mood: happy

you know, i feel more obligated to update than usual. no reason why, really. i just think it might make my jelly slush mind more organized. and has anyone noticed how awful the new clothing section on is?

at the mall at millenia last friday, (which i forgot to mention), i saw the coolest thing ever. this particular mall has very upscale stores, such as neiman marcus, bloomingdale’s, tiffany’s, and macy’s. there were a group of protesters wearing bloody fur coats on the sidewalks carrying signs that said “bloody fur fashion show.” one lady was holding a sign and saying “and gina is wearing a beautiful neiman marcus fur coat. notice the blood stains..etc.” and there was a model sporting a fur coat spattered with blood, catwalking down the sidewalk. i thought that was great. oh, i looked into it, and a fur trimmed zip up shirt costs $1,780 at neiman marcus. i was scared to breathe wrong in that store. guess i’ll just have to go with my grandma some time. she has a charge card there. swank.

people. stop searching for titties and coming to my site. interesting fact: my boobs are anchor shaped and protrude out my knees.

i’m so very happy with my new pt cruiser. i drove it to school, and lots of people like it as well. there’s one other one at my school, it’s blue. but i can’t imagine a boy driving it – well, the horn being so high pitched and all. that’s just silly. somehow the dance hall crashers sound much better in this car than any other. it has around 200 miles on it now. i’m a drivin’ mah-cheene.

oh, the relief. i’m all finished with my christmas shopping. i got my mom a gift certificate to carabba’s and some victoria’s secret underwears. and i finished matty’s shopping as well – i’m still waiting for it to come in the mail. i’m happy that’s done with, and my college exams are next week and then i am free! until my high school exams the week after that.

i’ve decided i want cheetah seat covers for my car. maybe. i’m afraid it’d look tacky. and that’s awful to see such a pretty classy car and have it all “hey i tried to hard” looking. same with those people that put a piss YELLOW colored spoiler, 20 inch rims, and dumb looking tail lights all over their poor, innocent pt. it’s NOT a hooptie car. the designer of pt cruisers said something along the lines of it being a little hearse. GOT IT? HEARSE. HEARSE. umm, but most of all i want those pointy back lights that look like a ’50s car.

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