North Carolina

So I’m visiting my parents right now – it’s my spring break. They live near Asheville, NC. I am very much enjoying cooler weather, mountains, of course, my doggies.

Me & my mom. We don’t look alike at all.

Oh yeah, Matty came with me. It’s a long ride from Florida, you know.

My dog Truffle.

It was a really clear day.

Checking out a lot my parent’s friends bought.

I’m moving to Merritt Island by the end of the month! What’s the deal? I already got a storage unit I need to finish packing. I finally get to retrieve my vinyl collection from my parent’s house… they’ve been keeping it for me since I’ve been moving around so much. But when I get my own place without room mates I’ll finally be able to enjoy it again. You don’t want anyone pawing through it or attempting to use a player and scratching it all up… I’m just crazy protective of it I guess. I’m sure there’s a couple of you guys who are the same way!

Well I’m off to bed. G’night.

8 thoughts on “North Carolina

    • went to bed bath and beyond with my sister, scoped out some hot curtains! you definately need to pick up some cheapass sexy shades.

      gimme a ring around 5; i have a car to drive!!!

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