ahh well i went to the green goblyn show with passive resistance. well the first band that played was passive resistance, they’re always good; but i went outside cuz the next band was emo shiot…and they played like an hour and a half! the green goblyn project got there around 9.15, but hadn’t played yet when i had to leave; they always play last. they are so yummy and they live across the street. score!

well anyways, like this skin guy was checkin me out before mr lovely (ha!) got there; he was like “you a byrd” and i’m like “er no.” and then later i went and talked to him more. matty showed up later and the guy was asking about me and then finally figured out i have a boyfriend – which sorta bummed him i guess – but me and him and matty talked for like an hour or so. he moved from south dakota and is lookin’ for some good venues to keep an eye on for good shows. i gave him the frumps site and told him to email me and i’d keep him posted on hardcore/oi shows. heh heh. how exciting it all is!

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