New Year’s Eve 2006.

I went to two New Year’s parties, I feel so popular or something.

K-Fed was partying at one of them!

Muggin’ it up tipsy for the camera. Later, Stephy watched the video of me at the bar from a little while ago. Pictures were cute, but the video? Embarasssssing. What happens at the bar should stay at the bar! Yikes.

K-Fed pouring shots for people.

Do you have the Captain in you? Would you like to?

This campfire beat the lame one I went to the night before right out of the park. It was so pretty & Dawn had chainsawed some huge logs to keep it warm, but not out of control.

Dawn & her pal doing an ice shot! One of her guy friends kept asking for a “Budder-budder.. budderscatch annnn’ Banana” (drunk voice).

Block of doom! Me & Stephy did some “Budderscatch an’ Bananas.” It was actually quite delicious, although I’m not a fan of sweet liquors. Pukeorama.

You know you want three times the h0tness. Three times the excitement. One, twice, three times a lady.

The festivities ended when two guys got in a fight & some kid starting firing an assult rifle for some reason. So not cool. Everyone was puking or passed out. Ew… I was pretty much sober because I was driving, but how could people drink that much and not wonder how they’re getting home… or start fist fighting? Blech. I can only take so much of scenexcore parties anymore. Frankly, they’re exhausting! But the live music was fun it was nice to see Ariel for a while. Girl told me some really funny stuff at her ex’s expense. We exchanged stories it was good times. We both concluded Brevard boys hold no suitable or acceptable pickings for us. If we wanted to date little boys and change diapers, we’d go to a daycare… or scene parties. Ha!

I was talking with Rhonda, and I asked what she thought about watching all of us kids growing up. She said with the girls, she was very disappointed with how we all turned out, except for me & Tiffany. That meant a lot to me because Rhonda is someone that I admire for being successful while still remaining happy in her work. Very cool.

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  1. yeah i took that quiz and i ended up with a lot of towns in connecticut, as well as providence and boston and baltimore. then again i chose the northeast region. that’s where we hope to move next year.. its so nice up there. sigh.

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