new car

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first things first,

i got a new pt cruiser.

it’s a 2003. it’s definitely exciting. we got up really early on saturday to beat the crowds, and they had three of the black ones on the lot. one was a turbo, one was a touring edition, and the other was a standard. of course, the standard has a functioning cd player, a radio that get radio stations, and mufflers that don’t fall off. how very upscale for me! sure beats driving the van. i still have to move out of that van yet, though. this pt makes me cruise right past my curfew as well. i swear it’s not my fault!

how very cheesy a picture. it had 7 miles on it when i test drove, and to make a long story very short, it has 125 now after two days. i love it to death! meow! saturday night i went to see “the santa claus” with mattsy. i also knocked out the christmas shopping for my dad. i got him the stars wars trilogy soundtrack (the old movies). i always thought he’d get a real kick over that sort of thing. well the movie…that was most entertaining, and very predictable. but y’know, it had some funny parts and it was even funnier with matty’s dialogue extras, MST3K style.

anyways, after that we went to b&n. observe my new shirt from the orlando mall. boobs sold separately.

too bad i’m broke from now on ’cause i gotta pay insurance and gas now. hah, i don’t feel sorry for myself, though. me and billie are both hussies in the pt’s! matty read a fangoria.

i think it’s time to watch “army of darkness” again. i saw bruce campbell’s book if chins could kill: confessions of a b movie actor in b&n. oh, speaking of which, i was screaming for someone to get the door the other day after someone rang the bell. i sounded really heinous and haglike, and ran to the door myself. unfortunately it was the mail man. rawrr! i had never seen THIS one, he looked exactly like bruce campbell. i felt like a grade-a moron. and a half.

hm, today i got some help redyeing my hair. i have senior pictures coming up – and i’m getting a haircut and everything. and…i have no idea what to wear!

i’m kind of annoyed with some people. no one seems to find time to hang out… i’m not sure why this happens. i’d like to get to know some people more… and see some people a lot less. the only friends that actually say “hey let’s do something”, you know, the way friends are supposed to, are billie and matty. i’ll manage, i suppose. but it still doesn’t seem fair. the awful people have “friends” in every crevice and decent people don’t get a chance. le fin.

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