New Camera.

Matty got me a brand new Canon 7.1mp digital camera for my birthday. It is godlike; I’ve had a 2mp for my entire lyfe. It never takes blurry photos and everybody looks like a supermodel in them. Well, duh; for that much moolah, they should.

Me & Matty bffz.

Me working on yet another side-of-the-road furniture pick up. I’ll post before/after photos when I’m done!

Matt’s highly probable new MySpace photo.

— Cold Keg Photos (with my old camera of course) —

On Friday night, we went out to the ghey bar in Melbourne to celebrate Dawn’s friend Bill’s birthday. Dawn has also just split up with her girlfriend of six years, so she wanted to go out and have a good time. There were awesome female impersonators, one was Leigh Shannon (in a photo below with my high school homeboy Chris – aka Tia Mulan – from her web site). Overall I had a great time; Dawn bought me $.75 drafts which was pretty wicked. Hey, if I don’t have to pay, I’m totally down. The bad part was it was Friday, nobody goes on Friday. They went again on Saturday for “Brevard’s Got Talent,” some American Idol-esque talent contest judged by the cast of Survivor.

Leigh called our table “the fun table,” pointed me out & said I was “really fun.” Hah, awesome… I’m fun!

This crazy faggot was at the club & was really wasted.

Me & Dawn.

I’m a slightly middle-aged lesbo sandwich!

Dawn was taking the photo.

My boss says “What up, Brendizzle?”

So YPBv1 came over on Friday before I went out & he wanted to know if we were just friends or if there was a chance for more. I hate these awful “let ’em down easy” talks. He was almost crying! I felt sinister & really kind of terrible. But a few times previously, I had made it clear I was not looking for a relationship.

“So.. if you were staying around this area, would this be more?”

(I held back the negativity went with the, “You’re super kind & I wish I could stick around here, but I can’t” angle. I think it worked…He also wanted to poke around my relationship history, asking me when my last relationship was. TMI for this one.)

“Well, was it.. yanno.. serious?”
“Yes. I guess you could say that.”
“How serious?”
“I don’t really want to talk about this, to be honest. Yeah – uh, I’d rather not.”

I feel bad, but hey, I did say I wasn’t interested in relationships (plus, we’re just too different). He’s inexperienced so he doesn’t know what to do with ladies or how to deal, I think. But that aside, we seem to be getting along just fine, actually. I always am breaking guys’ hearts. Why do they have to get attached? Whyyyy? Can’t we just be friends and have fun? This is some When Harry Met Sally kinda shit & I can’t deal with that. Too bad OrlandoBoy didn’t work out… that was an awesome set up: a real life, functioning friends with benefits.

Picture Lil’ Kim dating a pastor
Minute man big red can outlast ya”

… lastly, my parents are asking me about a graduation present. I have no idea. Yikes.

10 thoughts on “New Camera.

  1. Matt actually looks pretty hot in the highly probable new MySpace photo.

    And tell your parents that you either want a) a talking Kangaroo or b) a tank. See if they deliver. ^_^

    • I don’t need a kang that talks, just walks the walk, yanno!

      Matt has some pretty nice features. Responsibility, however, is not one of them. But I luff him to death regardless!

  2. Hey how far are you from Melbourne? I spend time in palm bay and my parents are moving to melbourne beach in a week or so. If it’s not to far away, we should get together before I we both go away!

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