Navy men & Shopping.

Yesterday I went to meet with the Air Force recruiter. I drove over to the office with my mother in tow (she was down for the weekend) but nobody was there. The Army, Marines, and Air Force recruiter were not in their offices. The Navy recruiters were in their office in droves (there were three in there! A nest of Navy men! A swarm of sailors!). My mom stuck her head into their office, and I was like “No don’t do tha–” but it was too late. I walked in and they cheerfully exclaimed, “Have you thought about the Navy?”

Aw, crap.

Being the curious (& courteous) person I am, I listened to their speech and took their silly ASVAB test. I guess I got an 85 on their little pre-test (of course, in the back of my mind, I was thinking, “Why wasn’t it 95? 100?”). I guess you have to get a 35 to pass for the Navy (36 for AF). They said I could do anything I wanted in the Navy. Well, I want to be an officer! When the recruiter told the recruiter-in-charge my score, the head honcho took an interest & quickly wheeled over his chair and proceeded to join in the questioning/interview (he was as big as a tank, and his neck was just as big). I don’t think they wanted me to know how well I had done & take it next door to the AF. The Navy has this pain in the ass, bizarre interview process: they ask you really vague, open-ended questions. I had no idea what or why they were asking me them.

“Why do you think the military is right for you?”
“Well, I already said I could get a job anywhere as a graphic artist, but I feel like I want something more challenging and a way to give back; a sense of pride in accomplishing something that really matters.”
“Why do you feel you want to give back?”
“So many people my age are so wrapped up in themselves, in their lives that they don’t take a minute to think about other people and what they can do to help make a positive difference. I want to get out there and help develop new ways to fight wars without human casualties. I want to take part in something that will move our country somewhere more positive than where it is now.”
“Why do you feel you want to do this?”

For Akatosh’s sake, I don’t know. I just do. It’s called a sense of pride & motivation. I can’t explain it. Finally, the recruiter was like,

“You’re really hard to crack.”
“What? Crack what?”
“We’re going in circles here.”
“I’m just telling you what I think. I didn’t think the military was like this, about what I want. I thought you’d just have a list of jobs in the relevant fields and I’d ask you to tell me about each one, they you will put me where I am needed most.”

After two and a half hours of talking with him, me & my mom had to leave to go to this old lady’s birthday party, but not before he offered to give me a ride to the party or home. They were not gonna let this little lady get away! However, I am going to go back Wednesday morning to talk some more. Holla. Navy seems pretty BA, too, when they aren’t trying to get me to go enlisted. I paid my dues by going to the university. Officer, dammit.

If one of the two Air Force recruiters doesn’t call me back by Tuesday, I’ll take my ass to the one in North Carolina. They ignored my friend, Kris, too. The Lt Col I talked to a few weeks ago says the AF needs to get their act together because Navy is running circles around them. Hmph. Too bad sailors wear all white; I look deplorable in white. Unless….

Today I went shopping & got a new bra & some awesome workout clothing on sale. I’m flying up to see my parents Thursday. Busy busy busy until then! Tomorrow I am taking my grandma to see the Vienna Philharmonic for her 83rd birthday.

Matt got a 37″ flat panel television because his “mom wanted to buy it for him.” I actually got really jealous, thinking, “He never has to pay for anything or do anything to get what he has.” But then I thought more: “I’m not sure I’d want everything handed to me in life. His mom just throws money at him and he never has to do anything. I have to work my ass off for anything I own. I like it that way – it means more to me.” He can keep that stupid tv. (Unless he wants me to have it…)

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  1. taking a picture with your right hand while we’re in yer bed and im laying in the opposite direction of you, hence my arm coming towards the camera! bwahaha

    +50 Gold Stars…and +8 to Dexterity

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