musical madness.

i’ve come to the conclusion that my favourite old time tunes come from 1926-1933. same with the movies.

have you ever been exhausted from laying around all day doing nothing?

the jazz band is coming together quite well. we have me on piano/accordion, matthew on drums, a guitarist, sax player, trombone player, and a clarinet player. i’m going to put flyers up in the music building at UCF to solicit more musicians. and, when we need a practice room, we can snag one at UCF. it’s a small 5×9 room, but it has an upright piano in it. how exciting! we’re working on “five foot two, eyes of blue”, “the charleston”, “elmer’s tune”, and “yes sir, that’s my baby!” for starters. eventually! 3 to all my talented musician friends!

i’ve been downloading a lot of italian opera lately.

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