i got my new skirt today! it’s red and shiny and lovely. yet another ebay find. i’m so pathetic that i go on ebay sprees and buy a bunch of things. then i try to forget that i bought them, and when the packages arrive, i grin stupidly at the ups guy and say “oh my! another present!” as if the ups guy just decided to buy me clothing for no reason. but c’mon, he’s my ups guy.

ignore the pasty white belly. isn’t it a lovely red color?

tonight i hung out with evan and stephanie. i picked their loser asses up from the mall, then went to his house to watch a movie. we ended up watching “rock n’ roll high school,” the ramones music video with the plot. then we watched a “teenage mutant ninja turtles” cartoon episode. good times, good times.

some prick thought it was pretty hilarious to instant message me and compliment me about my site, then direct me to a gay porn site. so very immature and rude to do to a lady. no wonder i don’t like you.

oh yeah, did i remember to tell you it’s soooo glamourous to model in an elevator under fluorescent lighting? oh hell yes.

my van is overheating more every time i drive it. it eats gas and overheats. someone send me money for a car! why can’t someone like bill gates just buy me a pt cruiser? i’d be his slave for life (okay, he’s kind of cute? no? damn). maybe i shall write a letter to him.

dear mr. gates,

hello, i am seventeen, make crumbs for cash, and don’t get around much. why you ask? because my van is almost older than i am with over 115,000 miles on it. please feel sorry for me and send me a check for fourty two gajillion dollars and fifty six cents. or buy me a car, which ever is easiest for you.



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