moving on in

hearing: misfits – braineaters | mood: sleepy

the strangest thing happened today. i was teasing matty by singing that song “now tell me have you really… really really ever loved… a wooommann” all raspy and silly before school. i walk into my class, and the radio is on. you can probably guess what happened – that song came on and i died.

oh, another cool thing. this is now mine mine mine:

i got my photograph proofs from the photographer. they came out pretty snazzy, i think. some of them i hate, and some of them look so “senior picture-y”. the dog looks better than i do in a couple of them. but nevertheless, they’re still musk-inducing and exciting.

yesterday after picking up the proofs, i drove to orlando with the parents. i picked me out an apartment called ‘jefferson commons’ for college this summer. it’s really a swanky place – fully furnished two bedroom, two bath. it’s even decorated somewhat art deco (which is even more thrilling). i snagged the floor plan from the webby site. the kitchen is adorable, with all new appliances. there’s a community work out room, swimming pool, jacuzzi, and a bunch of other stuff. now i won’t have to purchase that treadmill after all.

i found a top hat on ebay that collapses. how cool is that?

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