movie updates

hearing: al jolson – toot toot tootsie!

i’ve added a few new numbers to my online station, the cat’s meow. check it out, and let me know what you think! oh, it’s for faster-than-dial-up modems only. sorry, kids!

amy got a job at victoria’s secret – i am so jealous! that would be where i’d want to work if i could get a job. so she will be getting 35% off everything in the store – and she said i could get that red chinese silk robe i’ve been eyeing. while lounging in her boudoir this simple plain pajama…”

last night, matty and i had tickets to the ucf theater showing of “the marriage of bette and boo”. let’s just say it wasn’t the best of ucf’s drama. so, matty and i came home, scratched around the kitchen for something to eat. however, all i had in the cupboards was instant clam chowder, couscous, some raw chicken, and cheap beer. the result was clam chowder made with soy milk, soft couscous, and cheap beer with sweetener added. kind of gross, to say the very least.

i saw the most fantastic musical on public television the other day. it was called “for me and my gal”. i noticed a man dancing, and i said “he moves like gene kelly.” very fluid and made it look so EASY. sure enough, it was gene kelly, with judy garland. she sure was funny looking as she got older. i first noticed she had the skinniest chicken legs – especially for a dancer. then she was a little pug-nosed, too. i guess not every cute kid grows up to be cute.

i’m due to move out of my apartment complex, jefferson commons. i have packed about 12 boxes, and i haven’t even cracked the wardrobe! it’s going to be quite a gigantic mess. i’ve already received my angry letter from the managers, saying i’m late on my rent. however, the funny thing was the total they asked me to pay was $30 less than on my lease. idiots. i don’t plan to pay, and they can’t make me because my lease isn’t even legal. but soon i shall escape, with a short stop in north carolina first. i will get plenty of use out my new coat, as it is snowing! brr!

this month, tcm is showing movies with “men who knew how to dress”. and of course, they are showcasing all my favorite handsome men. and i will gladly show you the best of them, now:

name: gene kelly.
why: my favorite movie is singin’ in the rain, so of course i’d be head over heels for him. and he is definately a smooth mover and shaker.

name: cary grant
why: plays opposite mae west in i’m no angel.

name: clark gable
why: he’s a meanie in most films, but in that lovable way.

“one more crack from you, bimbo, and you’ll be holdin’ a lily!”

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