mood swings

hearing: bix beiderbecke – somebody stole my gal | mood: bored

so i slipped into yet another of my major mood swings last night. i cried all over matty’s poor shoulder. i’m lonely. lonelier than all hell. i had three people that actually would ask me what i was doing on the weekends. they’re drug dealers now, and i haven’t heard from either of them in two weeks. i have a lot of friendship to give, but i can’t seem to find any takers. it scares me, because what happens when i move to orlando? will anybody talk to me, ever? what if i get a totally heinous room mate that cringes at the mention of 30’s music? what if, what if, what if.

i went thrifting after work yesterday. i love poking around through the 1910-1950’s sheet music set up in the corner of this one store. i poked and poked for about forty-five minutes like usual, but i didn’t find anything i wanted to purchase. i looked around for some ravishing hats, or a ukelele, but was unsuccessful. i found a neat wwII military hat, but it was too small for me, like every article of clothing i’ve ever tried on. i walked around cocoa village a little while longer, but couldn’t find any more thrift stores. the ‘ol catholic nun consignment shop closed at three. however, i found a shop with leftover mardi gras masks and feather boas in every size and color, but wasn’t compelled to start a flashy, trashy wardrobe quite yet. i really need some new clothes.

my cd player in my car is broken. and my chrome decals on the sides are coming off.

does anyone know where i can find a high-quality, short, black wig? i would love to have one to wear with my cloche hats.

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