meow! =^_^=

today i went to the florida mall with matty. i went to pick him up and he was totally snoring away in his room. but he shuffled down the stairs and he looked so cute cuz he was all in his jammies (okay well he sleeps in his normal clothes, but had sweatpants on and it was cute cuz he had a major wedgie). so after about a half hour, he woke up and we started on our way. he hates the way i drive, but aren’t all couples this way? he says i ride up on people’s tails and don’t brake fast enough, and drive too fast where i shouldn’t, like tank girl. but…who got the speeding ticket? oh yeah…he did. take that!

yeah so the mall’s very latino-influenced. everyone speaks english as their second language, and the whole mall is catered to tourists. i don’t think i’ll be returning there any time before i die. it’s off to oveido marketplace for me next time. i did get a pink eyeliner pencil, a purple one, and some black carbon eyeshadow. very nice and ritzy…too expensive for my taste tho.

we went to olive garden for dinner, and he made me look like a pig cuz he got soup and salad, and i got a huge entree. oh well! it was good!

tomorrow i’m going to the melbourne mall. ugh. and then to the chart house with some family. yay!

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