Megacon 2006

The Star Wars costume contest was held on Friday, but due to some unforseen makeup malfunctions, I wasn’t able to participate or attend on Friday. CANCELLED I had a great time Saturday dressed as Aurra Sing, and Sunday to get some real con shopping done in plain clothes. (In costume, I could barely walk four feet at a time without people stopping me to take a photo, let alone check out any merchandise! I felt like a celebrity! If one person got a picture, five or six more would whip out the cameras, too. It was pretty rewarding. Orlando City Beat even took a photo of me and got my name.)

I am in Orlando City Beat!

Bounty hunters lyke w0ah. When I arrived at the convention, I had just missed the 501st photos. Bummer, yeah, but I found a few that stuck around and snagged them for a photo.

One of the members of the small Central Florida 501st wanted a photo with me, and said, “We do the ‘Star Wars Weekends’ at Disney/MGM… but I think you’re actually better than Disney’s Aurra Sing.” Wow!!! The 501st also asked me to join up… which would be so amazing. They said they have to get to know me first… is this like a date? But the 501st do really neat things like visit kids in the hospital, do MS, diabetes, etc. walks, parades, and lots of other great community service projects. Sign me up… as soon as I get my Stormtrooper gear sorted out. They said they have bounty hunters in parades (like at Disney), so I’d have to be something else, like a Scout or another more disposable character. Hey, whatev!

Clone & Scout Bodyguards?

This adorable Ghostbuster made all his own props. He even invented a “Ghost Grenade” and was so enthusiastic about everything. I love it!

This guy was askin’ for it…

I saw a few people around in Rich Weirdoes (lj comm=”richweirdoes”) shirts, and ran into Logan (lj user=”psychicbooty”). He was looking really fly in his Eddie garb.

My friend Billie was there with her boyfriend Bob, and she was very excited about the Boba Fett wandering around.

And the award for best group costume goes to… TEAM ZISSOU!

More of me…

Another side view. Love the antenna.

This gorgeous hair piece was custom made by Amalthea’s Attic.


Some choice quotes were:

“That character was in Episode one for literally, LITERALLY, TWO SECONDS. And someone made a costume of her. That shows you how crazy Star Wars fans are.”

“How did you stick that antenna into your head? Did it hurt?”

“Asajj! That’s Asajj.”

“Did it take you a long time to make that?”

And when I was walking through the lobby to go home, a photography convention was being held next door. You can imagine what happened… and a bunch of guys were trying to strong-arm me into getting drinks with them: “I have drink tickets! Come on… just a couple drinks… well you’re going to regret it!”

Gettin’ some impervious Imperial lovin’.

…got some awesome swag too, including Owly comics, Ithorian droid Star Wars figures, Cannibal the Musical from TROMA, an Abe Sapien figure for $2, a Dunny, & this soft, adorable hat:

I’m not one for anime, but who could resist t3h cuteness?

19 thoughts on “Megacon 2006

  1. fuck social distortion. ha!

    and i hate you. i’ll never bring you hair curlers again…just so you can look good at some crapass show for some crapass guy. hate you and him and doogie houser with a bloody passion! ARGH!

  2. Hey, I just came back to lj and saw that you had added me from your Tank Girl community and I added you back.
    The crazy thing is that I saw you at MegaCon last year as Tank Girl and I saw you this year again.
    I had a Ramones shirt on and zombie make-up haha, I walked up to you for a picture since you looked amazing.
    I keep seeing you around, pretty weird but you always look great.
    I’ll see you next year at the Con lol.

  3. Oh and I also went to see Rocky for the first time last month and have seen it 3 times in a row haha, I saw psychicbooty and introduced myself at MegaCon because he is the best host ever.

  4. omfg! you are totally the fucking shit. you have any hook ups on a stormtrooper outfit? or maybe a scout. i dunno, i know i want one though.

    you would appreciate these!
    Image Hosted by

    • hah i have a helmet like the one in your photo.

      there’s a guy that will work with you on a trooper outfit; the base cost is around $580 plus boots, helmet, undersuit, gun, and accessories. It’s good stuff, i’ve seen it in person.

      Nice tattoos, but is that person for the rebels or for the empire? take a side, ya pansy!

      • sweet, thats a pretty good price. maybe in a month or so. (i am currently building “gods computer” so thats sucking up all my money.(duel duel core 64bit processors, 3 gigs of ram, 7800gforce graphics card…))

        the tattoos i concider more like the angel on one shoulder, devil on the other. or like dark/light battle within stuff.

    • Thanks! & yes of course I went. My friend Shane’s a big promoter & pal for TROMA in Florida. Also, Thee Obscene have done a song featured in the new film “Poultrygeist”, so I couldn’t miss that either.

      Hah, my AIM name is Poseur1039. πŸ™‚

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