happy 420 to those it applies, yet i don’t plan to do anything like that today. the week went by really fast. i feel left in the dust, everyone is ahead of me in some way or whatever. i feel like i’m not “hip” enough or something anymore. maybe it’s just…i’m different. i don’t know. maybe it’s because i’m stressed all the time about things that won’t matter later. or maybe it’s because i’m stressed about things that will matter later. no one knows.

last night, matty said he’d gimme a call so we could do something. i never got a call, so i did it. he said he had alex over and they were going to visit jay’s gramma in the hospital, and bring jay a milkshake from dairy queen. i thought that was very sweet (no pun intended). so he said he’d pick me up about 6.20pm or so. he never showed up, and i’m all looking cute. i waited a little over an hour, then called. he said he was busy doing chores. i guess i shoulda not cared…but my parents were all like “what are you doing? blah blah…” so i just wanted to leave.

i drove over to his house, pist because i hate to wait so long. call me impatient, i suppose. but i don’t make anyone wait on me, so i really want the same treatment. i understand a half hour (a much progressed time since this time last year. it used to be like, 5 minutes is all i’ll wait. heh…that’s matty’s negatory effect on me), but over an hour…no. he said he couldn’t have called me for 2 seconds because he was so busy with the chores…then said i wouldn’t let him get off the phone anyways. so i got to his house, and his mom says “wow, brenna, you look downright gothic!” and i was like…uhm…and then she said “you going barhopping? whenever meghan goes barhopping, she puts on a va-va-voom shirt like that so she can get free drinks.” i totally thought she was saying my shirt was too…bare. that+pms=me taking it wrong and sniffling. i didn’t mean to start crying at all…i wasn’t that offended by the whole thing…but i just felt bad anyways, and it seemed like matt didn’t care that i spent a lot of time on my outfit and such. later, his mom came out and apologized, she didn’t understand that i took it the wrong way. i told her that if my mom or dad said the same thing to me, it would mean “go change. that shirt is awful.” but she was really nice and stuff, and it made me sniffle even more. my makeup was a wreck and the night hadn’t begun!

so matty gets into the car and i wasn’t aware that i was driving… so we drove..and i thought he was going to tell me where we were going to eat or something…but we drove in silence all the way to the hospital, as he dozed off anyways. we went in, and jay wasn’t there. then we got into this huge argument in the whuestoff parking lot. we did make up though, and jetted over to denny’s for some dinner (all i ate yesterday was a bag of chips). there was this crazy african-american guy there…he was like, huge and he was sooo cool. he’s like “bye you lovebirds…and stay outta ghoultown! (cuz matty was wearing that ghoultown shirt). i didn’t have time to take him home, so i dropped him off at chuck’s, and alex was there, too. when i got home, i crashed and slept soundly.

today i have to work, 11-3. wish me luck and big tips! soon i’ll have enough money for my paint work on my soon-to-be pt cruiser! i drew what i want below:

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