Mad Men Menagerie!

What changes have happened in just a few weeks! Things are going fine in the great white North. I am sipping coffee out of my fiesta ware mug as I type this update before work. As mentioned before, my computer had a mysterious puddle of water surrounding it after I went to sleep one night. I threw up my hands and attributed it to a glitch in the Matrix. Yes, this rationale is totally believable to me. I ordered a MacBook Pro 13″, which is what I really wanted three years prior, when I purchased my now deceased MacBook. Larry has one and I was pea green with envy. This beast has five-hundred gigabytes of storage and a 2.7 gigahertz processor and a brand new copy of Photoshop CS5.

Well, that’s enough tech specs for now. With the help of Kris and Devin, we tore up and finished the bathroom before the Mad Men Party I threw on October first. We pretty much finished it the day prior! & good thing, we had many people in the house. Cocktails and steep 1914 stairs don’t exactly mix as well as gin & vermouth! Hell, my midnight stumblings don’t mix with a set of treacherous steps right by my bedroom!

So, the Mad Men Party went off with great success! It was my first party entertaining in Minot after an embarrassing ten months of not hosting anyone! But dear readers, you do understand the house was in such a sad state from the previous owners and their plague of wallpaper with matching carpet (it really is incurable), and with the flooding taking up me & Larry’s summer, and with his deployments… well you get the picture. It’s a busy life here! The party began and I had a fantastic playlist streaming wirelessly to my living room vintage radio, and also to speakers outside on the back porch (the cigar porch for the gentlemen), featuring Astrud Gilberto, Kay Starr, Nelson Riddle, Les Baxter, Xavier Cugat, Pink Martini, Wanda de Sah, Julie London and of course, Dino. I did my hair exactly like Betty Draper in the episode where she and Don go to Italy. There are tons of inaccurate tutorials online, so I figured it out pretty easily; It took ten minutes. They say pictures say a thousand words:

Among the guests were friends from work that I consider just that: friends. And boy, did they look sharp! Every man in a suit, every lady in a beautiful cocktail dress! I was so excited that the turn out was so fabulous! In fact, earlier in the day, the neighbor kid Josh (he’s eighteen) asked if he could come. His eyes practically bugged out of his head when I told his dad (who I was actually inviting) he need not bring anything because I had a fully stocked bar. Josh showed up in the yard with some of his friends, saw the Draper-esque “squares” on the porch and kept on walkin’! The party ended around one-thirty in the morning, which is a sure sign of fun and festivities. Next party I am setting my sights on is for Thanksgiving. Because of the flood this summer, I haven’t the money to travel home. I am hosting a dinner at my place for anyone who doesn’t have the means or family to get home this season. Plus, that new Muppets movie looks awesome…

Last night, Kris and I talked about music. He’s a digital musician, and I’ve always played one instrument or another. However, what makes us not just family but friends is our undying love and appreciation of 1920s to 1940s music. It’s damn impressive how knowledgeable about these decades we are.. not to be too boastful… Anyway, back in college I visited a MAC makeup fashion day and one cosmetologist was playing a CD of this 1940s swing to a acid beat. With my limited music editing capabilities, I created this song, from two Paul Whiteman versions of “Happy Feet”, a beat by The Prodigy, and Mae West quotes from I’m No Angel (1933). I told him this is the music I wish I could make and would listen to. There are hardly any DJs who dabble in electronic makeovers of vintage jazz, Parov Stelar does a type of it, but not with the level of jazz that I like. Kris and I are going to collaborate with the creation of some sweet jams – and we sealed the deal by my teaching him The Charleston! Now, our love of Moog music is a story for another day…

Larry is doing well overseas. We are able to talk on the internet sometimes, and he did get to call me last Saturday. He would have stolen the show at the Mad Men Party with his Brooks Brothers suits and borderline ridiculous good looks. I miss him a lot, but it is nice to have family here living with me to help me through difficult times like these. I’m deploying in a couple months, but we should arrive back home at the same time!

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