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SANTA MARIAH. You know it’s not really officially Christmastime until you hear Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is You somewhere out in a store. Speaking of Mariah Carey, did I ever mention that in Minot, there was this Japanese Hibachi place that played Mariah Carey on a loop in their restaurant? I bet they are blowin’ the place up with her Christmas album this year. Or that badass rendition of O Holy Night she did with Michael Bolton in like, 1994. Go listen to it. It’ll make your ears explode with 90s goodness. See what I did there? Saint Mariah. But Santa… because it’s Spanish or something.

RETURN OF THE MACK. Today’s the day: Larry is driving his last day down to Shreveport, Louisiana to finally move. I mean, it’s only a month apart (he was waiting on his military orders) so it’s not a big deal, but I want him to see the house I set up! And of course, the most important big damn deal: I finally got my Steinway Piano! It’s a model M, 5’7″ (I’m 5’8″!) with 33,823 lbs. of tension. It’s very lovely, and came with a player piano system. No, I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about a fancy system that ties into your iPod or computer and you can select songs for it to play by clicking from a playlist. It’s like a ghost is playing. Pretty nifty. Anyway, I’m excited for Lar to see it.

Anyway, I’m making Larry a dinner of stuffed chicken marsala with asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes. My friends Amie & Devin also sent me a case of wine from California to say thanks for watching their homes and vehicles during their deployment last summer. It’s called Highflyer wine from Somerston Wine Co., and it has a vintage aviation theme. Hello, do these two know me or what? I can’t wait to try it tonight with the meal! How special!

SKEDS. This Friday is my new bomb squadron’s Christmas party. Now, most people roll their eyes and hate these work party type things. Non, they are not my favorite either. However, I’ve been on the planning end of one of these things and whether or not it’s your most favorite thing to do on a Friday night, it’s good to support those who have given their time to help plan it. Also, it’s one night out with your squadron. I’ve been a part of this squadron less than two weeks and I am signed up. Larry is rolling into to town the night before this party, and he is going. I wonder what the excuses are? The theme is Ugly Sweater. I’m wearing a cocktail dress. Plus, a drink ticket is included with the dinner; I told the planner that he should plan for a “Cocktail Hour & a half“. People seem to have the best time then, and it sets the tone for the evening.

Oh, & listen to this: I was making small talk with one of my Minot bros (who moved the exact time as me down here, and to the same squadron), and casually asked if he was attending the Holiday party. His response was: “No. I don’t like Christmas.” So, he has the best excuse so far because he is the Grinch the Didn’t Care Enough to Steal Christmas. Fair enough.

Next weekend, Larry and I are going to a friend’s wedding in New Orleans. It’s a Catholic ceremony; I should get a good stand-up-sit-down workout, so I have that going for me, which is nice. Then, the following weekend my parents are rolling into town with their three wiener dogs, for a quartet of hounds total. Festivus!

BEE AYE. So I finished decorating the bonus room upstairs. I’m glad to have a place for all my 2001 paintings and assorted schlock.

SECRET SANTA. I got my Reddit secret santa giftee. He’s a gay 22-year old college student (from Louisiana of all places!) He plays Marvel video games, and that’s about all he had to say in his bio. I am sending him a nice coffee table book on the world’s best beers and a year’s subscription to GQ. Above and beyond, bro.

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