yes, i saw “lord of the rings” yesterday. i was one of those people… i think i fancy the idea my money will be part of the superhuge statistic, and i can say “$11.50 of that was MINE MINE MINE!”

number of times…
i checked my watch? three.
fell asleep? once.
laughed? six. (was i supposed to?)
laughed about the bad porn spin offs? two.
thought my back was going to snap in half? eighty-six.
evan said “homoerotic”? seven.

everyone kept leaving before it was over… even when there was about 30 minutes left!

i’ll take “bad santa”… heh heh! nahh it was okay, better than the second. but i think the reason i might have thoughts of “oh, pulleeeeze” was because the movie acts like it is the most grandious, wonderful movie ever made. *shrug*

( see my whole review here.)

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