looking up? hmm…

party! billie’s parents said “yes” to me staying there for spring break! see, my parents were going to make me go to north carolina for the WHOLE spring break. unless i could find someone trustworthy to stay with. they said if billie’s parents said okay, it’d be okay. i am so excited! the first spring break in 3 years that i’m here! and for once, i will be able to spend time with my boy on his birthday. and this is a very special birthday for him! he will be registering for the selective service act, can buy cigarettes, and porn. let’s just hope he can use good judgment.

speaking of my boy, he’s almost fully recovered from his “rectal-cranial inversion”. maybe it was his time of the month. or maybe mine. or both.

i am starting to worry now cuz he is being nice again, and that means i have to buy him more presents for his very special birthday! but what can i get him?. please help me! what would a sort of scary psychobilly 18 year old who drives a hearse want? (besides me!) i’m over trying to buy him clothes, that just makes everyone fussy and grouchy. i’m over buying books because he doesn’t like to read much. i haven’t tried music…but buying cd’s this long into a relationship is just plain silly. and impossible to predict what he would like. how about some scissors? i’ve been kinda begging him to cut his hair like it used to be…he looked tres chic…not to mention really yummy. but he’s wanting to hang on to the mohawk. maybe a chelsea would look good on him…but i just love the way it looks in the first pic!

so back to this business of a present. i don’t know what dvd’s to get him, either. i think the problem is i know TOO MUCH about him, so everything i think of, i’ll think of something better.

tonight is the old people homeowner’s meeting to decide the “fate of the frumps”…aka where we will practice. if they decide we can’t use the river house, it’s rent a storage unit to play in. how retarded. i’ll post later about the results.

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