LOLive Garden!

So last night me Stephy Dee went to eat at the Olive Garden. We got so ridiculously silly annoyed everyone around us. I would think ieverybody/i would want to hear us snickering and giggling like crazy! The first thing that set it off was this old man at the table behind us… I noticed he had a total Hitler moustache! It was even dyed BLACK (because the rest of his hair was gray)! I convinced her to look non-chalantly behind her, and she turned around and started laughing at him! It was sooo obvious. And to make things worse, I just happened to have a film camera in my purse. So I pretended to take a photo of her, but got him in the background (and not one, but two photos). Stephy thought it was funny we were laughing at HIM because she’s the one with green hair and facial piercings. Take that!

After a little bit of harmless flirting, our semi-cute server hooked me up with a free glass of wine that he called a “sample”. He also hooked Stephy up with a huge free take home container of alfredo sauce. I love being cute and having cute friends!

But the most heinous event of the evening was when that creepy Blockbuster boy Tim totally caught me off-guard and started talking to me. I have dodged his calls since he tried to have sex with me; it was soooo weird. He said he didn’t see me at the show last night (why was he even looking!). He had some weird bandaid on his forehead, like a really loud little kid’s bandaid. I asked about it, and he said he got in a car accident and messed up his car. Weird. Why’s he gotta be so creepy? He’s cute! Buh. He said if I “called him before” I could have hooked up with some free food. I don’t buy that. He just wants me to call him. Buhhhhh.

This was probably the most exciting meal at the Olive Garden. Ever. Shakin’ up the old lady’s haven!

4 thoughts on “LOLive Garden!

  1. I think it might be that over-sizewd dildo you shoved up your twat last week. Either that or you are just soar from all that anal fisting you enjoy. lmao!! j/k you know I love you!

    Have fun in escapeing the Frances. I’ll miss you…some more…why do I never see you?

    Love ya babe, have fun!

  2. you are so adorable and talented i couldnt help but add you as a friend, i look forward to future entries!! .. and this isnt to try to obligate you to reciprocate or anything, i just dont normally add people without leaving a note because that seems kind of weird sometimes.

    anyway.. cheers <3!

  3. Kek, there is a Hitler fella at the Wal*Mart here! He’s one of the greeters, and he just gives you the most severe nod while shoving a cart your way…

    I miss the Olive garden. Nearest one is like, 300 miles away.
    And your friend with the green hair and facial piercings is hot. It really must be a “Steph Thing” (reckless self-promotion, look for more of that in the coming months!!!)

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