In Financial News:Scenester bitches on ebay with too much money… outbidding me like crazy.

im in ur ebay awkshunz
outbiddin u on teh ugly drezzez

… omg invisible bidurz!!

In Health and Beauty News: I colored my hair again… It’s a darker brown now. Still boring yes, but maybe someday I’ll go crazy and get highlights. Crazy!!

Turning my world upsidedownface.

holla that’s some hot cleavage.

In Political News: The other night me & Matty got in a huge debate about nationalized health care; we usually agree politically. My sister and I have both had government funded / organized health care. It totally blows chunks, so don’t argue with me. I’m scared of the government taking more of my money and redistributing it. I can manage it myself. kthnx.

In Breaking Music News: Going to see the Misfits (10/15) and the Reverend Horton Heat (11/09) @ The Orange Peel in Asheville. It’s like a House of Blues, but WAY more BA because it’s not Disney. Van Halen in a week.

In Local News: Today I took some pictures of this little, yet fat, hummingbird that hangs out on top of the tomato plant stake. Check out deh cuteness, yo.

Can you spot him?

Nice ruffly tophat!

Eyes (& beaks) to the skies! Aye aye, cap’n!

Surveying the competition atop his tomato-y roost.

This entry has read like a FoxNews broadcast because my mom keeps it on the tele 24/7. Bill O’Reilly is o’reilly gross. That concludes our evening broadcast. And now, your moment of zen:

… i can has polyezter ebay scurtz?

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