lizard lovin

my day was lovely. it started okay, and got really bad, then got good again. so far.

i was takin an algebra 2 quiz this morning, and the phone in the teacher’s class rings. they want me to go to the dean. “what’s all this about?” i’m thinking. so after i fail, i mean finish, my quiz, i head over there to the office. i wait there, looking intelligent. the dean calls me in, hands me a pen, and tells me to sign a referral. “what?!” i’m thinking. “a referral? for what?” then he said “for skipping.” and i remembered that i worked on a french project, a video, on tuesday during most of the volleyball period. but i came back, with a note from the student in charge while i was working. the student, ronnie, said if i had any problems, to have the teacher call him. the tv productions teacher had seen us working, and left to go wherever. so me and nick give her the note and she’s like “what? a student? uh, no.” and i’m like “call him, he said everything is all right.” so the teacher called the tv teacher, and the tv teacher said she didn’t say anyone could be in there, and didn’t know anyone was. such bullshit. so i got a dean’s detention. i didn’t do anything wrong. i’m so not referral material.

but it got better, i suppose, throughout the day. volleyball class was super hot and i almost died. but me and nick kept cool in front of the fans and checked out all the girls at the pool. when the discussion turned over to “ew balls are so gross…” with kunal joining in, my teacher told us to go do something. guess she doesn’t like balls either.

i drew a self portrait and you should go see it.

today after school i was waiting. i looked to my right side, and a very handsome dinosaur was lookin’ at me. checking me out, big time. i move a little…and it proceeded to do some very hunky pushups for me. then, as i was swirling into a dazed lust, its little red flap gulped out. i was much flattered. it moved closer. more magnificent pushups. but then i had to leave, and our love affair was shattered. he scurried back into the grass and i left, a little bit sadder.

so tomorrow is the SATs. and i am gonna die. i haven’t studied, i just assume i’m gonna get a 1600. yeah, right. why eight in the morning too? i’m definitely going to die. speaking of dying, we did a series of poetry in english today, where all the poems were epitaphs for a person. we had to design a gravestone and make it out of paper shaped like one. my poem to read was “the village atheist”. i drew feathery angel wings coming out of a crossed out cross. feathers were falling off of it. for the epitaph, i wrote:

“all my beliefs were non-conformity; but now a life deceased.”

or something like that. it was very neat. matt was the town drunkard.

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