let freedom ring

hearing: dead kennedys – when ya get drafted | mood: melancholy

i had so much to say, but i forgot everything. i have spent far too much cash for birthdays; i am just a nice little consumer, aren’t i?

in other news, the moon was amazing tonight; you can see the craters and canyons. i almost forgot that i was supposed to be driving.

i have been offered a modeling job for a local photography studio. in exchange, they are letting me keep whatever photos from the shoot i want. i’m pretty excited.

it was inevitable. and i do believe we’re trying to do our best.

Are you believing the morning papers?
War is coming back in style
There’s generals here, advisors there
And Russians nibbling everywhere
The chessboard’s filling up with red
We make more profits when we blow off their heads

Economy is looking bad
Let’s start another war (when ya get drafted)
Fan the fires of racist hatred
We want total war (when ya get drafted)

Drooling fingers
Panic buttons
Playing with missiles like they’re toys
There’s easy money, easy jobs
Especially when you build the bombs
That blow big cities off the map
Just guess who profits when we build ’em back up

Yeah, what Big Business wants Big Business gets
It wants a war (when ya get drafted)
Trilateral Commission goonies laugh
and scheme for more (when ya get drafted)

Call the Army!
Call the Navy!
Stocked with kids from slums (when ya get drafted)
If you can’t afford a slick attorney
We might make you a spy

Forget your demonstrations
Kids today sit on their ass (when ya get drafted)
Just a six-pack
And you’re happy
We’re prepared
For when ya get drafted

…”but many women in this country are empty. they desperately try to find something to fill the empty space inside them – the loneliness deep inside. in america, women pay the money that is theirs and no one else’s to go to a doctor who cuts them up so they can create or sustain an image men want. men are the mirror. western women cut themselves up voluntarily. in my country, a child is woken up at three in the morning, held down and cut with a razor blade. she has no choice. western women pay to get their bodies mutilated.”
– soraya mire, excerpt from cunt.

i am offering this moving book to anyone who wants an eye-opening read from a feminist’s perspective. ideas on birth control, sisterhood, masturbation, mass media, homosexuality, and other topics. just email me if you’re interested, i’ll include shipping for free. i was thinking also, to underline or highlight passages that are especially meaningful to you while reading, then passing it along to someone who would do the same. it would be so interesting to see what makes others think. just let me know.

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