kleptisode 2

oh my, i received all my packages in the mail! well…two anyways. observe below and try to figure it out. today i looked like a drawing straight out of an edward gorey book.

today i went to eat at red lobster with my gramma after church. mm, red lobster. i think that’s how she secretly bribes me to church with her. or maybe i just like going with her places.

last night i spent over an hour on the phone with matt. we talked civilly. he wanted to take me out to dinner or something special. so that’s what we did today. he called and we decided to go see star wars: episode II, which i have been wanting to see for over a week. i got all pretty and he picked me up. he dyed his hair yellow-blonde. while in the parking lot of the theatre, i saw a van with a legendary pink dots sticker on it and i said “aww…all goth kids like ’em”. sure enough, a cute girl and her friend climbed into it as she smiled at me in my ridiculous hat. i made a friend today, even if it was just for a second.

everyone saw me step out, as enchantment rolled out of the car. or so i thought, i dunno. it felt that way, though. we bought our tickets, then went to books a million for a while. jen probus and her friend were there, and they were planning to see star wars, too! how cute. so we chatted for a minute, and then we left after i practically dragged matty, clawing, away from the karma sutra books. of course.

the movie was smashing. it was one of the best star wars, along with the empire strikes back. me and matt agreed that they’re the best. i mean that scene with yoda and everything? wonderful. yeah, we talked in the parking lot for about an hour. it was so nice, even if we weren’t doing anything. i like to sit and talk in parking lots. i like it!

so i had a lot of fun, and i smiled a lot and even laughed. i have to work all this week, but three hours a day isn’t really that much, now is it?

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