kandy dot net!

holy hell, i’m hosted!!! corinne from kandy.net decided to be the bestest girlie ever and give me a home. failing goddess was homeless for 2 weeks after envy shut down, but now i’m all tucked in at kandy.net. she also featured me in her kam portal, and even on the front page! things are very up for me!!

on a more personal level, me and matty went to the mall to shop for some new clothes. i got the hippist purse, more like a bag, with retro cowgirls all over it. why is it that i run thru the store to stumble across a bag with scantily clad hot women on it? *groan* but ya, i got some pritty underoos and fun things like that, too. i dare not ask if anything could go wrong. i don’t think it can! good luck is great, but in my case, any luck is great!

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