J’aime ma vie!

I had a pretty good weekend. Very busy, as always, though. I’m not sure what I would actually do if I didn’t have a deadline or work or something with school hanging over my head. I think it keeps me sharp on things.

Friday I helped a friend tile his bathroom & fill cracks in his house. I also sneaked a sketch or three in a sketchbook that wasn’t mine. I felt quite crafty.

Saturday morning, I woke up at nine to go talk to my friend’s father who is retired Air Force to try to help me sort out what field I may be interested in. He was in Acquisitions; I know I don’t want to do Acquisitions now. I am leaning towards Intelligence because they won’t let me be a fighter pilot hearts; I am also interested in Logistics: Aircraft Maintenance Officer sounds pretty BA. My grandfather was a fighter pilot in the Air Force, then moved to AMO. Either way, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll travel the world in both fields.

The only crappy part is that I gotta go get my hurr did a natural color again before I talk to my recruiter. That’s what the man I talked to recommended. Hey, I am not going to limit my chances by keeping a certain hair color; whatever needs to be done will be done! Dark brown it is!

Saturday evening was Matt’s 23rd birthday, so his mother took a few of his close pals out to eat. The waiter was totally flame and was paying special attention to his friend Chris! Oy vey.

Sunday I had to film a “public service announcement” video for UCF’s Research Week. Me and my group partner wrote a “Dating Game” script to promote safe sex. It’s highlarious… I’ll post it YouTube when I’m done editing it. Youth Pastor boy is in it, too. I know you’re all just so excitied. We’re hanging out again Thursday. I am really starting to like him.

So yeah! Lotsa stuff going on this week, too. Friday night I’m going to see Blades of Glory. Saturday morning I have a garage sale to man at my grandma’s, and that evening I’m going to see Rocky Horror with my aunt & uncle in Orlando. Sunday I’ll probably do homework or something equally as riveting! I am so over school, I want to graduate in three weeks, not three months! It all good though, I just need to set new goals because I’ve pretty much finished all my other ones! This rocks!

7 thoughts on “J’aime ma vie!

  1. I want to be buff now lol

    yeah im not going to break the news to the rents that im looking at air force till I whip my butt in shape its crazy I have to loose 6 inches around the waisty area and be able to run 1.5 miles in 11 min then do 60 pushups in a minute and 60 crunches in a minute le sigh I need to hit the gym like woa. RHPS is actually going to be on campus sometime soon ahh the memories you should totally hit it up with me if you can. And if i find out I know this youth guy im going to crack up waiting for the youtube post ….. is it up yet lol

    • Re: I want to be buff now lol

      The RHPS is this Saturday night. Want to go? I’m going with my aunt & uncle & they have an extra ticket so I can bring a friend.

      I don’t think the USAF PT is that difficult. I know you gotta run 1.5 miles in 11 minutes, which isn’t that hard at all, but not 60 push ups. That’s extreme. Check out OTS… here’s a link or two.

      OTS HomePage & USAF Officer Jobs.

      You should graduate like, soon so we can go together! 🙂

      So yeah, let me know about that RHPS.

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