Important Dates.

It’s scheduled! Flight physical April 29th at Patrick AFB. Ship date is sometime in June or July! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

10 thoughts on “Important Dates.

  1. lol…

    …you go girl!

    by the way. my mate, ian, the one with the tank girl connections has some collector postcards that he wants to give to you after i sent him the link of your tank girl costume. let me know your address so he can send them.

    • haha, inbreeding lyke woah?

      most of his statements were false. a lot of women are ceo’s of fortune 500 companies… about ten to be exact. pretty good, since women have only been able to even vote for less than a century, much less had the chance to get a foothold in the corporate world.

      men like this are obviously threatened by us in some way. maybe he had one too many rejected dates as a teenager.

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