IFS – Brutal Torture.

Didn’t think I’d go so long without an update, right?

I’m currently in Pueblo, Colorado, attending Aviation Initial Flight Screening. If you thought it looked intense at Officer Training School, you have no idea what they’re throwing at us here. In less than four days, they have put us through ground school. Ground school usually takes weeks to complete. We, of course, do it in three days… with lots of stress.

Before we arrived, we had to memorize this and this. Upon arrival, they quiz us – and in the classroom, you have to stand at attention and recite it perfectly, with no um’s and without hesitation. When everyone in the class passes the requirement, we get to wear our flight suits. Come Friday, and people were still getting parts wrong, they said “We’re going to take this test one more time. For those who don’t pass, we will consider dropping you from the program.”

My first scheduled flight is Tuesday. From what I understand, the instructional pilots are hella grouchy (of course they are, did we have any doubt?). Some students here have 3800 hours of commercial flight time. Most everyone has their private pilot’s license. The only disheartening thing for me is that, dammit, I’m going to be a navigator, not a pilot! I just think the course should be a little different for navigators. We get the same training with less pay-off. Unfair…

In other, slightly more interesting news, Larry purchased plane tickets to come see me for less than two days. I insisted he save the money, but he says it’s his graduation gift to himself and a small price to see to be with me for a few hours. The duty day here ends about five or six, depending on your flight schedule, & I have to be back by eleven p.m. … For his $1,000, a grand total of eight hours of time with me. Wow.

Still alive…

“I always feel so special around you… that’s another reason you stand out among everyone I’ve ever met. You are incredible. Just had to let you know that…”

“I don’t know a thing about any of the guys in your past… but personally I’m very fortunate that they couldn’t see what a gem they had. I promise that I do, and if there are any doubts about that, I will prove it when we get to Texas together.”

Oh yeah, we’ve both seen and appreciate The Night Porter. So try that one on for size. & yeah, mega-hottie alert. How did I get so fortunate? Seriously? Am I dreaming?

It’s like one of those old-school soldier romances, through letters and phone calls. I think something old school is exactly what I need – to start from basics with a real man who puts the other first (which is what I always like to do in trusting relationships). I write him perfumed letters and send snobby little imported German and French candies and cakes. Also, we have the obvious element of distance. & since we’re military (as you all know), we can’t spend the time we want together like civilians can. Take the current situation. A month and a half before we can be together in Texas, and still can’t make it overly obvious we’re dating. He will have to go to this flight school as well, and that will be another six weeks of distance on the horizon. The time apart has made it so we appreciate the few hours we spent together in September. Like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder… & mine has… very much so. I care so much about this wonderful person already…

So for the weekends coming up, I ordered a few DVD’s that (shamefully) aren’t a part of my collection:

Le Mépris (1963)
La Dolce Vita (1960)
Roman Holiday (1953)
Jules et Jim (1962)

Gettin’ my 1960s on, evidently. Each weekend I’m going to watch one movie as a break from the intensive studying. This weekend’s is Sex and the City: The Movie.

11 thoughts on “IFS – Brutal Torture.

  1. …I write him perfumed letters and send snobby little imported German and French candies and cakes.
    You’re such a catch, gah.
    Also, gotta love the chest fuzz. I dunno how some women can hate that, since it’s so comforting to curl into at the end of the day…

    • Well I don’t know about you, but I want to date a man, one with muscles, chest hair and the whole shebang. I’ve always been a fan of fuzz and slightly manly smelling men. They make my world go ’round, ha cha cha! I like ’em nice and BUTCH.

      We’re both catches. Texas catches. That’s so badass…

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