i need help…

i can’t make rent this month.

please, if you make a donation, i will pay you back before june (when i receive birthday money). i am really freaking out about this, and half the problem is ebay non-paying or slow-paying bidders. i was expecting to be okay, but nobody is sending money paypal like they said they would. the money won’t be here in time for rent payment on the first. i’ve been selling every beautiful piece of clothing i own in hope of raising some money. i’m backed in a corner.

i will pay you back, i’ll take your name and email and paypal you back as soon as the money comes in from auctions. you can tell everyone how nasty i am when july rolls around if i still haven’t reimbursed you. every little bit counts… even just $5.

5 thoughts on “i need help…

  1. so even though we dont talk or anything I know you need help and I have money now that I dont live on my own so, how much are we talking 150 or 200$ i know you’ll pay me back. and errr…..

    just reply and I can give you my phone number or address and we can meet up or something it’ll be like a drug deal which could potentially make us look really cool???!!!!

    just let me kno.

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